Main teacher Hwang In-Seong 8 dan

Hwang Inseong is the well-known top player in Europe. He participated in almost all major European tournaments since 2005 and is currently the number one in the European Go Rating, take a look at his impressive player's card on EGD. He has not only a good performance as a player but also huge experience as a teacher and commentator. Coming from a Korean yunguseng academy he had certainly one of the toughest and best education in the game of Go. He studied Go in Myong-ji university and worked for a baduk TV channel as a commentator. - By EGF secretary Lorenz Trippel


In-seong Hwang 8 dan

8 dan player in Europe
International Baduk instructor of Korea
Official Go instructor of France / Switzerland
Currently (March 2017) 1st place in Europe, ahead of 10 professionals in the rating list.
In-seong's player card

Profile :

1996-2001 Korean Yunguseng (Insei)
2002 Entered Myoung-ji university at the Baduk department
2003 - 2005 worked as TV commentator at the Korean Baduk TV.
2005 - 2006 stayed in Germany, Berlin.
2009 - 2017 Living in Europe for disseminating the game of Go.

During stay in Europe, attended 49 tournaments, won 32 times and 2nd place 12 times.

Co-teacher, Chi-min Oh 7 dan

7 dan player in Europe

1998-1999, 2001-2006 Korean Yunguseng (Insei)
2002 Won the national Amateur Championship Daewang cup
2007-2008 Instructor of IBA(International Baduk Academy)
2008-2009 Stayed in Berlin, Germany
2015 Stay in UK
Won the major Pandanet tournament in Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Dublin and London.
Chi-min's player card

In Europe, attended 22 tournaments, won 13 times, 2nd place 3 times.

Co-teacher Seul-Ki Hong 7 dan

7 dan player in Europe
Graduated Myung-ji University, Department of Baduk Studies

1995 - 2000 Korean Yunguseng (Insei)
2003 Won the 47th European Congress
2007-2008 Stayed in Europe
2010 Graduated Baduk studies of Myung Ji University.(Bachelor's Degree)
2011~ Operating Baduk Academy in Manila, Philippines
Seul-ki's player card

In Europe, attended 27 tournaments, won 11 times.

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laughATKTITANX: If you have read all the comments below than you must be convinced to sign up by now. Yunguseng Dojang is almost certainly the best place to learn about Go concepts, technique, patterns & etc on the web. In my experience when you sign up and apply what you’ve learned in this program; you quickly discover how much you have improved. There are so many good things about Hwang In-Seong program that it’s difficult to highlight just one. What I enjoy the most in this platform is that In–Seong behaves like family towards all of us, calling us by our name and learning about our individual strength and weaknesses. I encourage anyone interested in improving their game to sign up to this program. Thank you In-Seong and your team for dedicating your time in improving our Go abilities; and also spreading quality lessons to the West.4/19/2017 4:44 AM short reply
smileippon: Inseong is an excellent teacher, funny, brilliant, and very patient. I was a member for 3 months and won my division in the next US Open. But even so, I had not study properly and so as a spectator I can go back and fill in my gaps by reviewing the archives. It's a very well designed system!8/15/2016 2:29 PM short reply
coolfllecha: Probably the best go teacher, very kind and very smart wit a nice sense of humor. You can easily improve from say 14-15K to 8-10K only watching recorded lessons: very efficent examples, very logical speaking, nice attention on basics and advanced stuff. Every common error is fully analyzed. I really enjoyed spectator membership. In a while I'll join as a full member.14.1.2016 21:49 short reply
smilekikashi: I have enjoyed my time as a Spectator. I am certain that a full playing membership is even better. However, I currently attend to my aged mother, so joining as a full member must wait awhile. In-seong is an exceptional teacher, and his English is clear and expressive. His enthusiasm is infectious; his energy and his dedication show why he is such a strong Go player. It is, however, his kindness and his respect and his caring for people that make the greatest difference. He really works to help each student and treats everyone as a friend and a valued Go player, whatever their playing level. And he is relentless in driving home the key ideas --- just what we need. If you have been wondering about joining the Dojang, the answer is: Yes. Do it now. 3/30/2015 5:15 PM short reply
coolShinichi56: Inseong's knowledge, reading skills and wisdom go far beyond any players I have met in Europe. However, he manages to teach any kind of levels from Digit Kyu to High Dan with a well organized and developed teaching method, thanks to the help of Sub Teachers, and the Manager who his wife Semi. I feel I am understanding Go a bit clearer now and I am highly recommending Yunguseng to anyone who wants to improve ! From France, Mathieu3/25/2015 11:47 PM short reply
laughBennyLava: In-seong is the best! Never experienced better teachings and never could learn as much in such a short time! Thanks for all the hard work!7.1.2015 23:53 short reply
laughLeothelion: In-seong's teaching skills are outstanding. He can identify wrong conceptions you have about the game, and give insightful advice on how to correct them. He also is very patient, and has a great ability to adapt his reviews to one's level of play. I sincerely believe that you can improve by joining the Yunguseng Dojang, regardless of your current rank.1.12.2014 18:47 short reply
smileArgus: Excellent method to study Go. In-seong teaches strategy, and focused topics of the game. His game reviews point out big picture meaning, without talking down to the player. And best of all, you can watch the videos over and over and learn something new every time. I recommend it!11/30/2014 10:56 PM short reply
smilenorjen: The recorded lectures and game commentaries are a treasure house for every go-player. And the best: The treasure is increasing all the time. And the league-system is perfect to spur you on in an atmosphere of friendly contest. No more hymns about In-Seong - sufficient to say the other guys are right. 3.7.2014 16:14 short reply
laughnadoss: Really smart guy. Great teacher, great sense of humor, and a penchant for understanding how people think. He won't just find one mistake in your way of thinking, he'll find a new concept for you to improve upon EVERY WEEK! And you never feel bad about your mistakes, just very motivated to fix them! I feel myself getting stronger every day. Work Hard Play Hard!6/6/2014 7:26 PM short reply
coolvorpal: I'm not amazed that he is so strong. What I find wonderful is his patience. He is able to explain mistakes in a way that is blunt and precise but, at the same time, totally without any judgement. I always feel that he is speaking to the player I want to be more than the one that I currently am.5/22/2014 5:10 PM short reply
laughAlpnCactus: I was completely sold on the program from the beginning. But somehow it only continues to get better! In-seong is an excellent teacher, dedicated both to the game and to his students! Thanks, In-seong!11.4.2014 13:39 short reply
smileTheCaptain: Yunguseng Dojang--the best place to learn Go on the web. Teacher In-seong Hwang, KGS 8 dan, is truly excellent. Patient, courteous, and very, very smart. He will find out what is wrong with your game! And you get so much for such a modest price. I wish I had had him as a teacher when I was a young man....I would not have been stuck at 4dan for 40 years!2/6/2014 4:18 PM short reply
winkyAerion: Inseong is truly an amazing and awesome teacher. He always explains everything clear and easy to understand. A great league system which allows you to test your skills and improve fast. 27.1.2014 10:04 short reply
smileeko: He is absolutely a good teacher. His lectures are always well-prepared, and his online yunguseng system allows go players to develop fast and to learn concepts systematically.18.12.2013 0:40 short reply
laughFabbo: Want somebody who can explain as good as he can play? Then In-seong is the man. He can explain difficult techniques so even a 10k can understand and apply them. 12/16/2013 11:23 AM short reply
laughstibbons: In-Seong's go skills are already legendary, and I bet his pedagogical skills will be soon. The Yunguseng Dojan offers an efficient way to improve your go level very fast.12/14/2013 3:48 AM short reply
laughGoRoGoRo: Congratulations to Master Inseong for his newest victory in Berlin at the "Go to Innovation" tournament!25.11.2013 15:59 short reply
crowis: Thx a lot Rainer! :D 4.12.2013 23:34
ohhGoRoGoRo: Oh, oh, oh - my first won game. Thanks to Inseong for the commentary. Won't play 4th line as excessively as before. At least that is what I should consider. Inseong managed to comment very solemn and ernest while the game itself was a funny thing, turning from -50 to + 12:16 short reply
pGoRoGoRo: Now in season 7 I finally made it to yunguseng. I am very happy to be here. People were very kind (except in the League games so far :-) ) and it is a great pleasure to listen to Inseong. Greetings to everyone here and thanks again to Inseong! The smiley is funny and so I selected it: the course is great fun, too.14.9.2013 13:17 short reply
smileix7: Unfortunately I have to stop due to lack of time at the moment :( But I will definitely return here again, when I have some free time :) InSeong is a great teacher, he has a lot of pacience and he also knows every one of his students and comments the games fitting their knowledge. He's also very kind, but can also be funny :) I also like the YD system a lot. All in all I can only recomend InSeong and YD, you'd learn a lot here!21.7.2013 1:02 short reply
smilegasana: In-Seong is a very good teacher, always very clear and adapted to the level AND to the person. He is always very commited and friendly. Beside the system is very good to improve a lot on every area of the game. Many thanks In-Seong and Semi! Great people who offer a great opportunity.3.7.2013 22:21 short reply
winkycbcvcvcv: So friendly and understanding. He prepares the lectures with subjects taken from Yunguseng games and recent tournament games. He is teaching from his experience and that makes it much more understanding and powerful. He believes what he teaches and his teaching method is unique with the lectures, homeworks and league games. I gained a lot from this system. Everyone can be a good player, but not many people can be a good teacher :) Thanks a lot In-Seong.2.7.2013 7:35 short reply
smilelovebach: I know most of the teachers we see in Europa and i think Inseong is one of the 2 best for teaching to teenagers/adults (for chidrens i have not seen). 5 words for it: teaching skills, strength, involvement, politness, good english.2.7.2013 3:29 short reply
smileivoSF: its easy to see he has the experience in teaching to give concise lessons and keep building on them without it becoming fussy . also like ellyster says its amazing ke can keep track of so many students and their shortcommings and strenghts, that makes the lessons very personal even with so many students.1.7.2013 23:52 short reply
ohhBawannoboy: He's so strong that it's scary! If you make a mistake he pops out of your screen and make you regret it really hardly !1.7.2013 17:03 short reply
smiletam1998: Very good teacher with actual contents and nice metaphors1.7.2013 14:34 short reply
smilepositon: It's great to have all of your games reviewed. In-Seong always focus on your most important mistakes and the explanations are always adapted to your level!1.7.2013 14:16 short reply
coolParciparla: Motivated, patient, respectful and humble, In-seong got a strong & modern go style, he's for sure devoted to that universal game !1.7.2013 9:42 short reply
paichan: Yes, Yannick, I agree. It's a great pleasure to study Go in this way. Our teacher is very encouraging. Thanks a lot In-Seong.1.7.2013 15:40
laughcrottmann: If you are searching for go teaching consider this great system. In-seong and of cause Semi do their very best to lift you up some level. And they do it at the top of go teachers in europe, that's fore sure.1.7.2013 0:16 short reply
smilebetterlife: Best method ever to improve your strength! 3 lessons per month to learn new techniques, study openings and much more and later you can test the new stuff in your games and get commentary on it! I love it, In-seong you are the best! I also love the competition with the other players in the leagues.30.6.2013 23:59 short reply
ohhEllyster: I love it. Cristal clear and easy to remember explanations. The league + review + homework system (+ the proud of being a Yunguseng) keep you focused and with high motivation. Specially if you are the kind of person that needs an extra pressure to sit and do some serious study, like me. You have opportunty of learning with the Top 1~2 EGF player, regardless your actual level, who will keep pushing you towards your skills limitations and give advices of how to improve them. Moreover, the quality/price is also awesome, and In-seong is very, very close to their pupils (knowing our real names, life,... and constantly tracking our progress), something that you can definitively not get from other internet go schools. Like @zongzi said "grat player, great teacher, grat guy".28.9.2012 12:10 short reply
smilejamseki: I like clear, focused and easy to understand lectures. This was the main reason to join the system as spectator recently. Now not only lectures but also commented games are a great place to learn. Especially when some story is behind a certain move. It is easier to remember and such patterns have better chance to be used during own games. Looking forward to see my progress in the near future (if I practice enough:-). Well done In-seong.28.9.2012 10:18 short reply
laughzongzi: great player, great teacher, great guy28.9.2012 9:49 short reply