Members play 5 league games a month on a scheduled date, and the teacher reviews each one. Based on the results, players can move up or down or remain in the same league after a month, which makes the games more competitive.

Each season's lesson videos include: 9 live interactive lectures, game review, homework checking, and This Week's Highlights.

All lessons are recorded, so you can watch them whenever and as often as you want!

A. How does the Yunguseng league work?

1. Play on KGS in the Yunguseng Dojang room.
* Check how to get to the room here

2. It's a 6-player round-robin league, so all standard members play 5 games per month.

3. Play games on set dates at 20:00 CST(GMT -6, after daylight saving time GMT -5).
* Each game date and time can be changed by agreement from both players.

4. Play/review dates depend on which league you belong to.
* You can see the schedule here

Get analysis of your game at 22:00 CST(GMT -6, after daylight saving time GMT -5) and also watch other players' game reviews.
* Some games may not be reviewed due to the time shortage, in which case the teacher makes an offline review and uploads it.
* Online reviews are also recorded and uploaded like offline video reviews.

6. Based on the game results, 2 players move up to the upper league, 2 players stay in the same league, and 2 players move to the lower league after each month.

7. One season is 3 months, so members play 3 leagues in a season.

B. What kinds of lessons do I get?

1. 9 lectures per season:
These will give you new ideas and a new point of view!

2. 15 personal games analyzed per season:
All your league games will be analyzed and recorded as video clips.

3. This week's highlights
It's a league game summary of each week. The teacher picks the most important parts of each week's games and makes a video clip.
This way, even if you miss some reviews, still you won't miss the most important part of YD games!

4. Personal Go report
Main teacher In-seong will provide his opinion of each member's style of play, strong point, weak point and where to focus for studying Go.
Including teacher's comment, you will understand more about your Go and it can be a map for making your study plan.
It'll be given to all members who complete one season(3 months) as a league player. And then every 2 seasons, you'll receive another one.

Here's the sample file here.

C. What is the Spectator membership?

The spectator membership is meant for those who want to join reviews and lectures but don't have enough time to play league games.

As a spectator, you can participate in the following:
1. Join ongoing lectures and reviews in the current season.
2. Watch all recorded lesson videos from the past seasons.
3. Do the homework, applying the lecture topics in your games and get feedback from the teacher.

D. What's the rating system?

After joining, you'll get a YD rating, which is converted from your KGS or AGA rank. All your league game results will be collected and applied to your YD rank. After each game, you can earn or lose rating points to check your real strength. And of course, your personal status page is included as well!
* Sample personal status page: Profile of Frederic Panico