Yunguseng FAQ

Some additional information for the new players who just joined the league.

Join the KGS room Setting up the game
Nigiri Uploading the game
The recordings The registrations, waiting list
The payments The Price

Join the KGS room

Go to the menu "Rooms" "Room List" "Lessons" "Yunguseng Dojang".

It's a private room so an admin (In-Seong or Lorenz) must have already added you if not you can not enter.

Setting up the game

We play in the yunguseng room. To set up a new game put the following time settings: 40 min, 30 seconds 3 times(Japanese byoyomi). The colors are chosen by nigiri (that's what the half black and half white stone with the question mark in it stands for). All games are played without handicap.



Make sure you choose nigiri in the game setup window, it's the half stone with the question mark in it.

Uploading the game to the results table

After the game is finished you should really upload the game directly to the results table, usually the winner does so. If not Inseong can not review it because we play in a private room and there all games are private and because of this it's only possible to download the game if you have opened the game (Yeah ... KGS can be a bit complicated sometimes ...). If once closed, the game is not lost though, you can still save it this way: Go to your profile, there go to the "games"-register, right click on the game and choose "Load (p) in ..."

To save the game click on "Options" then "Save to Disk".

Attention! If you use the Applet from the main site of saving the game won't work. The menu stays gray. You have to use the Java Webstart Client to be able to save the game.

Go to the yunguseng results table and upload it in the correct spot.

The recordings

To record the lessons might sound unnecessary but only if you remember something small and want to check back later you can easily go look it up! ... and the evenings you could not be present at all and want to take a look at your game which Inseong reviewed ...

The links for the recorded lessons are on the lecture page .

The registrations, waiting list

We have two tables, one is the registered players and the other is the waiting list . Each ending month the players who have not registered for the following month tell us if they continue and if not the people who are the longest in the waiting list will replace them as soon as the new league starts.

The payments

Please pay latest one week after you joined(While the season running), two weeksbefore the season starts.
If you paid too much or have to quit earlier for whatever reasons you won't lose the money, it will be added again the moment you rejoin the Yungsueng dojang.

Please let us know latest 10 days before the month ends that you will stop and drop out of the league.

Course Type / Fee

Paypal account :

The Price

  Standard Spectator
1 month 130 USD 50 USD
3 month,
1 season
330 USD (110 USD / month) 135 USD (45 USD / month)
6 month,
2 seasons
570 USD (95 USD / month) 270 USD (45 USD / month)

We recommend joining for 1 season (3 months)then you can fully experience the system and get actual profit!

We offer a scholarship to people who are under 26 and have no regular income, in order to help them study Go with less of a financial burden.

But there is a condition for the scholarship:

1. Maximum number of members with the discount for U-26 is 10 people per season. Other people should pay the standard fee. Therefore, earlier registration is recommended.

2. U-26 people who are students and have no job can get a discount. Those with a regular income should pay the standard fee even if they are under 26 years.

3. In case we have more than 10 people who apply for the scholarship, we give the priority to:

(1). Current season league member with 6 months membership
(2). Current season league member with 3 months membership
(3). Current season league member with Spectator membership
(4). People on the Waiting list
(5). People registered for the next season

The fee for U-26 years members with scholarship is:

  Scholarship fee
3 months,
1 season
195 USD (65 USD / month)