The 17th season is going to run from 2nd of January 2017 to 24th of March 2017.
The best player of each month will get the month free prize
*ex: join one season(3 months, one league per month), and win in the league A. Then the fee of that month will be returned at the end of the season.
Bit further down you can see the registered players and the players in the waitinglist.

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GMT -3 (Sao Paulo,Buenos Aires)
GMT -4 (Santiago, La Paz)
GMT -5 (New York, Montreal)
GMT -6 (Chicago, Mexico city)
GMT -7 (Denver, Edmonton)
GMT -8 (Seattle, Los Angeles, Vancouver)

KGS ID is used for logging in on the Yunguseng Dojang Website

Sometimes we send SMS reminder if you show up late or for the weekend games (required only for league players)

Email is mainly used for getting password and lesson files. Please write down the one mostly used.

KGS Rank, if you don't have then AGA rank please.

We recommend to join 1 season (3 months) / Scholarship is for U-26 with no job, max 10 ppl / season
1 month Standard - 130 USD
1 Season(3-month) Standard - 330 USD (110 / month)
2 Seasons(6-month) Standard - 570 USD (95 / month)
1 month Spectator - 55 USD
1 Season Spectator - 135 USD (45 / month)
2 Season Spectator - 270 USD (45 / month)
Scholarship 1 Season - 240 USD (80 / month)

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League Players
No. Timestamp First name Last name Country KGS Nickname Rank
112/11/2016JoshuaLeeUnited StatesStarstorm36 Dan
212/07/2016EricYoderUnited Statesredreoicy6 Dan
311/18/2016CasonKimUnited StatesKimchiGo6 Dan
412/08/2016TonyChaUnited Statesboltar4 Dan
501/27/2017AndrewOldersCanadaBladecrest3 Dan
601/30/2017SirithepChenThailandMasters3 Dan
702/08/2017JUANBURGOSColombiaDiscodance3 Dan
812/02/2016BrianKirbyUnited StatesBrian2 Dan
912/26/2016MichaelZhangUnited StatesHangz7182 Dan
1012/02/2016AndrewHallUnited Stateshndrewaall1 Dan
1112/04/2016JoelCahalanUnited Statesshtfrbrns1 Dan
1212/04/2016CamWagnerUnited StatesCam1 Dan
1312/10/2016JoelSanetUnited Statessanjo1 Dan
1412/30/2016NhanHo--NhanHo1 Dan
1512/03/2016AnthonyLongUnited StatesU1 Kyu
1612/02/2016McGibbonJasonUnited Stateswisygig1 Kyu
1712/03/2016NathanielTravisUnited StatesPaiSho1 Kyu
1812/02/2016TommyLiuUnited StatesCombos1 Kyu
1909/01/2016PhilippeFanaroBrazilpsygo1 Kyu
2012/31/2016JacobJacksonCanadazxqfl1 Kyu
2101/30/2017MaxBlairUnited Statesvoyager11 Kyu
2212/02/2016EricFeivesonUnited Statesggggg2 Kyu
2312/03/2016VincentTamUnited Statestamv2 Kyu
2408/08/2016tungnguyen duc--tieunhan2 Kyu
2512/02/2016DevinFlakeUnited Statesflakeman22 Kyu
2608/31/2016EricLiuUnited Statessteam2 Kyu
2711/10/2016Cherisse MayAguilon--gobum2 Kyu
2812/02/2016SteveWishnouskyUnited StatesUhOhTenuki3 Kyu
2912/13/2016StephenChoungUnited StatesTwprcntmlk3 Kyu
3012/02/2016BrettCastellanosUnited Statesbcas19843 Kyu
3112/09/2016AlvaroTenjoColombiaOlivaw3 Kyu
3212/02/2016JamesCarrierUnited StatesLinnaeus3 Kyu
3311/27/2016FerroAdrianUnited StatesPotatoMan3 Kyu
3412/03/2016MarkRubensteinUnited Stateseasyaspi3 Kyu
3512/05/2016TerryMillerUnited Statesgocrazy713 Kyu
3612/25/2016TensonCaiUnited Statesmarik3 Kyu
3712/03/2016NoahDossUnited Statesnadoss4 Kyu
3812/03/2016JohnHoganUnited Statesjhogan624 Kyu
3912/02/2016ArturoVictoriaMexicoSadeCh5 Kyu
4012/10/2016DiegoPierrottetUnited Statesargus5 Kyu
4112/03/2016DavidRolskyUnited Statesautarch5 Kyu
4212/03/2016FelipeMorenoUnited Statesrad6 Kyu
4312/09/2016PhillipAshbyCanadaSeregon6 Kyu
4412/06/2016JoshuaO'NeillCanadaCrpntrskys6 Kyu
4512/02/2016DavidNolenUnited Statesswannod6 Kyu
4612/03/2016RobertGilmanUnited StatesRainierBob6 Kyu
4712/03/2016YokoOhashiJapanBijin6 Kyu
4812/05/2016JamesLudlowUnited StatesBray7 Kyu
4911/21/2016JacobEchtinawUnited Stateswilhelm47 Kyu
5012/04/2016EthanCahnUnited Statesemsc1237 Kyu
5101/30/2017frankbrownUnited Statesfrogola7 Kyu
5212/11/2016DavidNighellesUnited Statesntro9 Kyu
5312/13/2016NathanBouscalUnited Statesnbouscal9 Kyu
5412/11/2016RichNewmanUnited Statesraindog11 Kyu
5512/03/2016KarlNygardUnited Statesnygard12 Kyu
5612/30/2016RobertMeigsUnited StatesRMeigs12 Kyu
5712/09/2016BenjaminBernetUnited Statesbbernet12 Kyu
5802/19/2017ShawnMooreUnited Statessartak12 Kyu

No. Timestamp First name Last name Country KGS Nickname Rank
101/24/2017SirithepChenThailandMasters4 Dan
212/30/2016DavidWuUnited Statesqueuebit2 Dan
312/11/2016BecciTorreyUnited Statesgreyhound1 Dan
401/06/2017BradNelsonUnited Statesbdnelson222 Kyu
512/02/2016PaulOhmartUnited Statesvorpal3 Kyu
612/02/2016BertOrtizUnited Statescedar3 Kyu
712/22/2016MichaelYeiterUnited StatesAceplace7 Kyu
812/11/2016KevinYang--Soul8 Kyu
912/02/2016IbrahimAbdul-NourCanadaManzaneque12 Kyu
1012/02/2016AbdullahAlturki--afalturki12 Kyu
1112/03/2016ChristopherYeagerUnited Statesjager12 Kyu
1212/30/2016PaulBeesleyUnited Kingdomwycpaul12 Kyu

Waiting List

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