"To improve your Go strength, you need 3 steps: play serious games, get reviewed, and gain new ideas. This program will help you do all of them.

I will do my best to give you a new point of view and allow you to enjoy this beautiful game ‘Go’ even more!"  - Teacher, In-seong Hwang

The 13th season is running!  

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Season 4, 5th lecture
Sample Lecture: 6-7-8 theory in the corner

YD Rating System

1. Get your personal data page
2. Check your strength every week

Yunguseng Dojang rating points start with your rank, then adjust each week based on your league game results.

Yunguseng rating points will be carried over into each new season

Fruit Section

  • Argus: Currently 6 kyu, but entered as a 5 kyu and won 4 out of ... @New Jersey Open 2014, Result: 4:1
  • Longstride: As a 4 dan, won against two of 7 dan! Therefore, won the ... @2014 Pandanet-AGA City League Team Qualification, Result: 3:1
  • xiaozhu: Earn 400 points (1352 -> 1752). Joined as 3 Kyu and made ... @57th European Go Congress, Result: 6:8

Comments about our Teacher

  • stibbons: In-Seong's go skills are already legendary, and I bet his pedagogical skills will be soon. The Yunguseng Dojan offers an efficient way to improve your go level very fast.
  • GoRoGoRo: Now in season 7 I finally made it to yunguseng. I am very happy to be here. People were very kind (except in the League games so far :-) ) and it is a great pleasure to listen to Inseong. G...
  • Leothelion: In-seong's teaching skills are outstanding. He can identify wrong conceptions you have about the game, and give insightful advice on how to correct them. He also is very patient, and has a g...
  • eko: He is absolutely a good teacher. His lectures are always well-prepared, and his online yunguseng system allows go players to develop fast and to learn concepts systematically.
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