Price List

  Standard Spectator
1 month 130 USD 55 USD
3 month,
1 season
330 USD (110 USD / month) 135 USD (45 USD / month)
6 month,
2 seasons
570 USD (95 USD / month) 270 USD (45 USD / month)

We recommend joining for 1 season (3 months)
then you can fully experience the system and get actual profit!

We offer a scholarship to people who are under 26 and have no regular income, in order to help them study Go with less of a financial burden.

But there is a condition for the scholarship: 

1. Maximum number of members with the discount for U-26 is 10 people per season.  Other people should pay the standard fee. Therefore, earlier registration is recommended. 
2. U-26 people who are students and have no job can get a discount. Those with a regular income should pay the standard fee even if they are under 26 years.
In case we have more than 10 people who apply for the scholarship, we give the priority to: 

(1). Current season league member with 6 months membership
(2). Current season league member with 3 months membership
(3). Current season league member with Spectator membership
(4). People on the Waiting list
(5). People registered for the next season

The fee for U-26 years members with scholarship is:

  Scholarship fee
3 months,
1 season
240 USD (80 USD / month)

Course Type / Fee

Payment information

While the season is running : Please pay at the latest one week after you've joined.
Before the season : Please pay at least two weeks before it starts.

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