Fruit Section

The fruit section is the Hall of Fame of the Yunguseng dojang. Here all major or smaller achievements of the participants will be listed.

If you made a good result at a tournament or simply want to congratulate (or comment) one of your fellow yunguseng please use the comment box down on this page to let us all know about it !!!

Date Name Event Result Achievement
2014 September Longstride 2014 Pandanet-AGA City League Team Qualification 3:1 As a 4 dan, won against two of 7 dan! Therefore, won the tournament! Amazing achievement!!
2014 August dimtom 2014 US Go Congress 5:1
2014 March rayheart Torneo Hoshi ingresado 6:0 Won the tournament with the perfect score!
2014 February xiaozhu 2014 Southern California Go Championship 4:1 Take the 1st place in the strong kyu section!
2014 March Argus New Jersey Open 2014 4:1 Currently 6 kyu, but entered as a 5 kyu and won 4 out of five games!
2013 July xiaozhu 57th European Go Congress 6:8 Earn 400 points (1352 -> 1752). Joined as 3 Kyu and made fair result. However, he was 8 Kyu before he joined Yunguseng!

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